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We’re Adding a New Gem Mine!

We’re getting some rain this morning! Hooray! Farmers need the moisture in the ground so that they can get their crops planted and growing in the spring. That includes the pumpkins here at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch. We just returned from a NAFDMA conference in Georgia and we saw and learned so much. (North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association). We attend this annual conference so that we can learn and know more about what visitors want and how to let them know how much we appreciate them coming to our farm. We will begin work on our new Walnut Valley Mining Company soon. Our visitors will be able to purchase a “bag of sand” and then “mine” out the collectible fossils, gems, and artifacts from the sand in the running water of the sluice. Who knows what our visitors may find! Well, I have scarecrows to make, and gourds to clean today…so better get busy. Thanks for viewing our blog! Becky