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St. Louis Haunt Show

Here at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch, we offer a nighttime haunted experience to our visitors.  After the pumpkin patch closes at 7pm, visitors have the opportunity to ride a haywagon to our old grain elevator and enjoy our Haunted Nightmare Attraction.  David Stackley & Greg Reichenberg set up and run the haunted and do an exceptional job of offering our customers a little fright with their fall season! 

St. Louis, Missouri is offering several seminar sessions, and several haunt experiences this coming week for people wanting to learn more about a haunting experience for their customers.  One of our sessions is a haunted wagon ride which might be a fun addition.   However, we have tried to keep the pumpkin patch area more friendly as an attraction and this might not “fit in” to have a haunted wagon ride in this area of the patch or the corn maze.   We’ll have to “think” on that one.

And I have to admit that Carroll & I aren’t good at the scarey part of fall, so David may have his hands full trying to get us through the attractions that we have signed up for when we have our hands molded over our eyes!   But we’re looking forward to the knowledge we can gain from this Haunt Show and what we can do to make the Walters’ Haunted Nightmare even better!   See you soon… the Patch!   Becky

Kansas Agritourism Conference

To be held in Great Bend this week, Kansas will be holding their second agritourism conference.  The first conference was held several years ago and approximately 400 people attended who were interested in the new concept of agritourism on the farm.  Many people had to be turned away because the response was overwhelming! 

Darrin Schmall, the pizza farmer, from California will be speaking at the conference as is Jan & Tim Vala of Vala’s Pumpkin Patch in Gretna, Nebraska, and Steve & Cindy Frey from Weston Missouri.   These are all great agritourism people who know so very much about agritourism….they truly have a story to share.

I will be leaving the conference early unfortunately because we have tickets for the Haunt Seminar in St. Louis!  David Stackley who runs our haunted will be going with us for our education in haunting!   We hear alot of Kansas agritourism operators are going to this as well.  There are alot of opportunities to learn how we do what we do better!  

It’s about time to stay home and get everything operational down at the Patch!    Until next time…………..Becky

Down in the Potato Patch….

For the last several years, I have wanted to have a “u-dig” potato patch here at the patch for our customers.   Once again it isn’t going to happen this year.   BUT, three of the grandkids and Grandpa and Grandma got our potatoes planted yesterday.   This was Miss Muffet’s (Chyanne-the 3 yr old) first year to really help plant potatoes with her older brothers Dacota (10) and Garett (8) who have helped us plant potatoes every year since they were born.  We plant 10 lbs of potatoes and get about 10 lbs back out of the ground!   I know those production statistics aren’t good, but it certainly weighs heavy on the fun we have digging potatoes in the summer!   Finding the biggest potato runs a close second to opening Christmas presents! 

Dacota got to drive my little kubota tractor with the tiller attached for the first time too!   How big he looked on that tractor and what a good job he did!   I doubt that any of our grandkids will ever farm, but seeing them driving even a little tractor gives us hope for the future of the Walters’ Pumpkin Patch!

It’s still a couple of months before the pumpkins get planted, so we’ll just keep working on new attractions, and planting other crops until the consistently warmer weather arrives.   Until next time, we’ll be down in the patch.   Becky