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Gourds/Gardens & Ghosts

What a combination off “g”s in the title of this blog!  But today I am working on the gourds.  That means that they are finally, and I mean finally, dry so that they can be cleaned.   The weather hasn’t been conducive to drying with the cold, cloudy days in Kansas this last winter.  Once they are dry though they can be scoured with a copper choregirl (like our Mothers and Grandmothers used to scrub their pots and pans) and then are ready to paint.   If there is only one paint and one paintbrush involved, I can do the artwork.   But if there are two or more colors involved, then Deloris Shannon from Cassoday gets to do the honors!  My dining room is full of cleaned gourds at the moment waiting for Deloris.

I have broccoli and cabbage plants that are waiting to go to the garden too.   However, right now the garden is too wet to be planted.   Perhaps a couple of days without rain will help to get them in the garden.

Carroll has the new primitive golf club ready for the Graveyard Golf course.   This is really going to be exciting this fall.  My job will be the decorating of the course with ghosts and skeletons, tombstones and of course a few pumpkins to putt around!  We’re really looking forward to our offerings this fall!

Until next time….we’re down at the patch.   Becky

Farmer’s Markets

What a beautiful day in Kansas, if you like 60 mph winds!   Is there any reason that we can’t just ease into a wonderful spring in this area!   Even the winds make Kansas what she is….unpredictable.

I was all loaded….I mean the car was all loaded to go to the Kansas Grown Farmer’s Market in Wichita this morning for their opening day.   But I have gourds, and seeds, and our homemade jellies which would be blown all over the parking lot in this wind.   And I don’t think my concrete anchors would even hold the tent in place in this wind.  So Carroll & I opted to wait and try for another Saturday without the wind.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for next weekend.   Otherwise I’ll have to unload the car!  

Rhonda Fooshee, sister in law, has been helping me to set up the gift shops.   She almost has the larger “pantry building” decorated.   She sees our gift shops with “new eyes” and has such a wonderful talent when it comes to decorating.  And she even cleans as she goes!   So now the gift shops will be presentable to our visitors this spring.

The national Windmillers Convention will be touring our facility and having lunch here on June 4th.   Chuck Jones put up our windmill that feeds our waterfall and pond, and he thought we might make a good stop for the convention attendees.   This is going to be fun.   The pumpkins plants will be coming up and it should be a really fun day for us as well as the attendees.

Then we have a couple of weddings, and the Circle High School’s 35th yr reunion.  I doubt any of these grads will want to see the pumpkins, but bringing back memories of hayrides might be fun!   So there are some exciting days coming up at the Walters’ Pumpkin Patch.  We’re so glad people don’t think of us as just a pumpkin patch any longer….we’ve grown into a Kansas agritourism attraction!  

Until next time….we’re down in the Patch.   Becky