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Our First Wedding (besides our daughter’s)

This past weekend we were very honored to “facility host” the wedding of Jamie (Teter) and Greg Stinnett.   This was the first wedding at the Walters’ Farms besides the back yard wedding of our daughter many years ago.   We feel truly honored to be included in these young people’s wedding day.  And except for the groom’s keys getting locked in his own car trunk….the wedding went off without any problems!  

I might venture to say that the Walters’ Farms is now open for wedding event hosting.   Carroll has just built a new arbor for the minister, bride and groom and we have one of the most beautiful outdoor settings that you will find in the area.  We will be able to facility host at any time of the year, except for the September and October time frame when we are busy in the pumpkin patch.  We hope that if you or someone you know is looking for the outdoor wedding venue, that they will give us a call.   Under next time….we’re down in the patch.

We’ve Started Planting Here at the Walters’ Pumpkin Patch!

or….oh, my aching back!   We always get excited when it comes to planting the pumpkins.   Carroll & I have to work together like a team and sometimes that’s about the only time of year that we think alike!   We started on Saturday morning and got all the giants and ex-large pumpkins planted in one field with our little one row planter.   Getting those in relieves alot of the pressure because those really large pumpkins need alot of “grow time” to get big.  Carroll wants to wait on the other fields until we get a little rain to loosen the soil that has had flood water packing the dirt down in the last couple of months.  We will have a field of specialty pumpkins (whites, grey, bumpy, etc.), one of regular jack o’lantern types, one for the gourds,  squashes, and a school sized field.  And we do need a little rain to soak in the herbicide (weed killer) that we put over the top of the giant pumpkins that we just planted.  Sorry everyone, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a little rain!  Until next time….we’re down in the Patch.

Destination Bootcamp

We traveled to Longmont, Colorado last week to attend Destination Bootcamp designed and taught by Jon Schallert.   Mr. Schallert gave all the attendees wonderful ideas how to grow one’s business into the destination that we all long to be.   His success stories range from the bizarre to the customary gift venues with everything in between.  We were treated to 2 1/2 days of intense training, ideas, and knowledge of how to compete in today’s markets.   Walters’ Pumpkin Patch was his first agritourism business to attend  his Bootcamp. 

One of Mr. Schallert’s suggestions was that we need to have a “name” for our farm, even Walters’ Farms, for our weddings, reunions, etc.   Having Walters’ Pumpkin Patch on a wedding invitation, looks a little out of place.  However, Jane Eckert had advised us many years ago to change the name so we could hold other events….but it’s just now sinking in!    And we need to have one “logo” for our business which is on our business cards, brochures, a billboard, or whatever else we might advertise with.  Alot of things to think about….but most of our teachings will be put on hold until we get the pumpkins planted.

Well for now, we’re really Down in the Patch!