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Going With the Flow….

We got the wires crossed with Sandy Creek Mining and they won’t be able to come to Walters’ Pumpkin Patch until the first week in August.   I’m disappointed, but understand that they are juggling schedules right now too.   So in a couple of weeks, we’ll be mining.  

Carroll & I got busy, when we found out we weren’t building mining facilities today, and got the Graveyard Golf staked and cut for our new agritourism golf course.   There will be 4″ rubber balls to hit  around the seven hole course and wooden clubs with which to hit the rubber balls.   There will be skeletons, ghosts, tombstones and of course pumpkins and hay bales for obstacles!   We haven’t measured the course yet or determined the par, so that will be a project for tomorrow or the next day. 

I did get blueberry jam made today and the apple butter is still cooking.  I love this time of year at the Walters’ Pumpkin Patch with so many new projects going on!  Carroll took off to get pipe with which to build his swinging bridge.   I think he wouldn’t be re-building it for the agritourism facility, but so many people asked him last year about the bridge that got torn down in the high winds….that I think he realized he had to build it back for our customers!    

Until next time….we’re staying out of the patch and the area rains today!

Walters’ Pumpkin Patch

What a beautiful weekend we have had here at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch.   There is nothing any nicer than Kansas when she is having a good day and nothing any worse when she isn’t!    The days have been much cooler (in the 80’s) and not much wind either.   I know we still have a lot of summer weather yet to come, but this has been a welcomed relief.

I picked my first cucumbers of the season tonight.   We were late in planting the melons, cucumbers, okra and tomatoes this year.   But, before long there will be enough cucumbers to go to the kitchen with and start making the pickles that have sold well for us  in our fall agritourism business.    The first batches of strawberries are “jamming” in the kitchen in little jelly jars from my determination last Friday.  I’ve just been putting off getting into the kitchen and getting the jams/jellies canned.   And I picked the first blackberries for Carroll & I to sample tonight.   This is a new planting of blackberry canes because Carroll put cattle in to winter where the last blackberry canes were planted.   Figured if I wanted blackberries for jams and pies, I had better find a new site.   So hopefully these blackberry canes will live and prosper closer to the house. 

We took the day off today and went to the Farm Show at Pittsburg, Kansas.   One of the vendors had a floor scale (4’x4′) on which we can weigh a lot of pumpkins.   In the past we have had to weigh one pumpkin at a time, and it did take a lot of time to do as such.   So this will be a nice addition to the Walters’ Pumpkin Patch.   It’ll also be nice so that we can weigh our pumpkin pickers too!  

Sure hope the weather stays nice tomorrow….they are to start on the mining attraction.   We’re counting down to the opening of pumpkin season…..60 days!   For now…we’re down in the patch.


I messed up on the link to Maize Quest.  We’ll try this one again with the url.   Thanks!