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Walters’ Pumpkin Patch Opens in Just 8 Weeks!

  Isn’t it exciting when the pumpkins finally start to grow and you can see them sticking their golden sides from beneath the foliage?   I truly love this time of year and the approaching harvest of fall activities. 

While I’m pulling weeds in the morning here at the Walters’ Pumpkin Patch, Carroll is building the new attractions.   He has teeter totters with colorful tractor seats, the hole is drilled for the new zipline platform, and the tubing has been purchased and brought home for the duck races.   I’m really excited again about our new offerings to our pumpkin patch visitors this fall.  

The new corn maze design is complete and now we are walking the paths with tanks of Roundup to keep the weeds under control.   These recent rains have given rise to new crops of germinating weed seed!   We are returning to the original maze field which will be easier to navigate with the trees along the creek and the highline poles which are visible to help one get themselves out of the maze should they get lost!  

We will be offering season passes to our Kansas pumpkin patch for the first time this year.   Twenty five dollars gives one unlimited admissions during our six week season.   This doesn’t include the haunted, or flashlight maze, barrel train, or zipline, punkin’ chunkin’ or mining…..this is just for admission to the facility.   Now everyone can visit more often and save some money!   And if you’re thinking of renting a campfire, give us a call early so we can get your choice of day and time reserved!

Until next time….we’re down in the patch!

Pumpkin Pie in the Field!

    Boy are we “cookin'” today!    With this heat we’ll be takin’ a fork and the whip cream to the field for some early pumpkin pie!   A few days ago, I saw a beautiful white pumpkin that was half eaten, probably by deer, supplying an early thanksgiving treat. 

Pumpkin patches that I’ve visited with lately are all having trouble getting the pumpkins to germinate (come up out of the ground) at the same time which is the normal occurence.   But we’ve had seeds laying under the ground for several weeks that are just now emerging.  When a grower gets a sparse planting, then the vines aren’t uniform in size, and they don’t get the ground covered which allows more weeds to peak through.  And with the recent rains, weeds like peaking through!   So it’s going to become another trying year for the pumpkin growers not just in Kansas pumpkin patches, but over the United States.  

We have finally been able to get into the pumpkin patch.   The pumpkin patch has remained too muddy in which to get a tractor.   Last night was the first night for bug spraying.   And tonight will be the second.  We have to wait to spray until after the local bees go home for the evening, or the spray will kill them too.  And we need the bees for pollination of the pumpkin plants.

Carroll is working on the zipline installation and design, and has the teeter totters built with old tractor seats almost completed!   I really love his new attractions that he is able to build for our Kansas pumpkin patch.   It’s going to be a grand fall season………..Walters’ Pumpkin Patch, “Where Fall Begins”.   And boy am I ready for some of that fall weather!  

We’ll be down at the Patch!