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This gourd fellow is made with one of our giant bushel gourds.   This is a big one, people!    While I was mowing yesterday around the gourd field, I thought of all the wonderful, huge gourds that we have growing this year and all the people who might be interested in crafting a huge gourd, if they just knew how!   So….we’re going to have a Gourdeners Day complete with a wagon ride to the gourd patch to pick out their gourd(s), and then give instruction what to do with the gourds when they are dry and ready to craft.   I really like the idea and hope others will too!   We are going to have to rope off the gourd patch though, so “random” visitors don’t just wander through, stepping on the vines and gourds, and literally ruining the crop.   So….crime scene CAUTION tape will be put up to keep the just- lookers out of the gourds!   Hopefully this will allow the gourds to maximize in size.

Let’s set a date of Sunday, October 10th.   Come on out to Walters’ Pumpkin Patch and plan to spend the day.   We’ll take you to the gourd patch for our 1st Gourdeners Day, let you pick your gourds (prices vary from $3.00 to $20.00), and then instruct you on crafting the gourd when they are dry.

Until next time….we’re down in the patch.

The Smell of Fall

               On a cool Kansas evening at the Walters’ Pumpkin Patch, you can “smell” the pumpkin patch.   It a musty, sweet smell like none other.   It’s the “smell” of fall just like the “smell” of spring when the lawn is first mowed.  This is one of the smells that you grow to love and to cherish.   I know someday as Carroll & I will grow too old to have pumpkin patches,  and there won’t be a pumpkin patch that I can “smell” as fall approaches.   But for now…..I hope all of you take time to “smell the pumpkins” and enjoy the approaching fall season before winter comes.

Several of the “crew” will be here today helping us to ready for our pumpkin season.   Susan is cooking up lots of cookies and pumpkin dessert rolls, Rhonda is unpacking merchandise and decorating the gift shops, and Judy has started re-working the grounds.   Oh and what a re-working she does.   The rock hill between our house and the little gift shop looks like a photo out of a gardening magazine.  Judy “sees” our facility with different eyes than we have, and just is so talented at making it look really good.   She also builds scarecrows, and decorates with corn and bales, shocks and pumpkins too.   These three gals keep me sane when we’re preparing to open our agritourism operation in just a couple of weeks.

Until next time….stop to smell the pumpkins this fall.

Rain, Glorious Rain, at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch

It’s an exciting day already just to wake up to the sound of rain!   And not only the pumpkins and gourds are needing the rain to grow, everyone’s lawns, gardens, flower beds all need this rain!   After all it is August in Kansas!   Rain from the heavens just makes life better, doesn’t it….and easier not having to drag hoses or watering cans around to get everything watered!  We’ve always counted on the rains here at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch to supply the water for our Kansas pumpkin patch.    We do not irrigate.   We have been very lucky that we haven’t needed the additional equipment that we would have to purchase if we had to mechanically water these pumpkin plants.

The duck races are going to be so “cool” that Carroll has built.   One has to purchase the rubber duck to race and can then take it home with them, or race it all day long!  The object is to place the duck in the trough and then pump enough water to move the duck through the trough and to the finish line all the while your opponent is still pumping to move his duck along!   We have camophlage ducks, and animal ducks, and princess ducks and Halloween ducks….ducks of all degrees!

That’s enough from this computer today.   Just because we’re not down in the patch because of the rain, I have tomato salsa, pumpkin butter, applesauce and jalapeno jelly that needs to be made for the season.   Since we found two new sandplum thickets this year, I had plenty of plums to make jelly.   Exciting stuff!  Until next time…….