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This Saturday is our Mayors’s Obstacle Course at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch.   We have invited all the area mayors to come participate, and five brave souls will be entering.   How exciting to see which of these mayors can really handle the “obstacles of being a mayor”!   Come on out to Walters’ on Saturday (start time 1:00pm) to join in the fun.   We will have donation boxes set up to vote and donate to each mayors’s favorite charity as well, plus Walters’ will contribute to those boxes as well.   And the weather is going to be a beautiful fall day in Kansas.  So come join us.

Everyone is commenting about our new attractions that we’ve added this past year to our Kansas pumpkin patch.   The zipline is just a hoot and a hollar!   Carroll & I both can see that there needs to be another zipline continuing on across the creek!   One can purchase a rubby ducky for $1.00 and then race it in the water filled troughs of the Duck, Duck Races.   The faster you pump on the old styled hand pumps, the more water flow that is created and the faster your duck should race.   There’s sure alot of hollarin’ going on over there!   The horse walker swing with the tire horses has been an instant hit too.   With all the new attractions, our visitors almost forget about pumpkin pickin’!

Well, I have alot of mowing to get done today at the pumpkin patch, and Carroll has his list made today.   The obstacle course is his priority today!    DON’T FORGET!   On Saturday and Sunday (both days 1-4pm)  Bill Rebstock of Fulmer’s Studio will be here taking photos in the giant pumpkin setting.   Each year we talk about changing the setting from the little hay shed…..but each year we decide that the little hay shed is still the best setting for individual and group photos.  

And, And, And…..the school tours start Friday, October 1st, with returning educator Steve Reynolds teaching the kids about our pumpkins and we have alot of new schools who have signed up with us this year.   And, And, And…..the Haunted Cannery starts this Friday at 7:30pm and continues to 11:00, and again on Saturday evening.   For $20, one can go through the 4 floors of fear in the Cannery and also do the Flashlight Maze!   More fun, more scare, more excitement at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch.   And, And, And….Uncle Hank’s Mining will be starting a new season this Saturday as well.   Come see Uncle Hank….you might even get wet from the antics of this crotchedy old miner!   Hope to see you all soon.   Until next time….we’re down in the patch!

It’s Time For a Goblin Egg Hunt!

At Walters’ Pumpkin Patch this weekend (September 25th and 26th) we are having our annual GOBLIN EGG HUNT.   The goblins at the pumpkin patch are hiding the eggs (gourds) and all our little visitors can hunt for the eggs just like the Easter Egg Hunts in the Spring!    Come join the fun at our annual Hunt!   Don’t forget to bring your basket!

The wind last week sure played havoc with our corn maze.   The middle paths are fine, but the edges are blown in!   I’m beginning to wonder if we are meant to even have a maze after several years of continued wind damage to our maze area.

But there are still plenty of new attractions at the patch for Pumpkin Fest 2010!   The zipline is just amazing in itself!   And depending on the “likeability” of this shorter zipline version, we will probably be adding more “lines” in the coming years.   Let’s see:  over the creek, over the downed maze edges, above the trees….wonder where this next one will be built!   The Kansas CW crew of Michelle and Shane came out earlier this week to shoot some footage to air Saturday night at 10:30pm and again Sunday evening at 6:30pm.    Watching Shane tryout the zipline and “missing the landing” was a hoot and a hollar!   Be sure to see all their antics at the Kansas pumpkin patch this coming Sunday evening.

Well, until next time…..we’re down in the Patch!

Opening Weekend at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch

Beautiful white pumpkins this year!

The Walters’ Pumpkin Patch season has officially began.   And with alot of great employees, everything fell into place as it does each year.   We feel so very lucky and fortunate to be able to hire such wonderful area people to come help at the Walters’ Pumpkin Patch each year.   Some move onto different things or choose to stay at home, but there is always another great person looking for that temporary weekend job.   Thank you all!

Larry Nichols working with Mennonite Press of Newton did some phenomenal art work on our new maps this year!   If any agritourism operators are looking for maps or that type of art work, give Judy Entz a call at Mennonite Press of Newton.   They are so reasonable in their pricing and turn out such great projects!  Our new commercials will be airing soon, so don’t be surprised to see an ad for a pumpkin patch right outside of Wichita.   Our new marketing people Bonnie Tharp and Nicole Oxleyof NicoleCoppMedia thought it was in our best interest to “show” potential visitors what we are offering that is so unique at our pumpkin patch.   We are the all-day experience.   So look for us soon coming to a channel near you!
Well, I need to clean the toilets and wash down the picnic tables….don’t I have a great life!    Until next time….we’re down in the patch.