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Traditional Second Weekend in October

     I have to admit that as a child, I was fascinated by Peter Pan….HE COULD FLY!   I’d climb on the back of the divan and gravity would pull me down as soon as I jumped.   I just knew one day I’d be flying off the back of that divan.    I guess adding a zipline is the closest I’ll ever get to flying!    So here I am embarking on my first zipline experience at the pumpkin patch.    HHMMM?   Wonder if they could strap me in laying down on my stomach, so that I would have the “feel” of flying.   I might have to try that!

Traditionally the second weekend in October is the busiest for Kansas pumpkin patches and probably all pumpkin patches in the U.S.    And with the prediction of beautiful Kansas weather, I’m betting all the Kansas agritourism businesses will be very full.   This may probably not be the weekend for those who are looking for that peace and quiet to go exploring at the Walters’ Pumpkin Patch!   We might even be looking for the peace and quiet.   But if you’re looking for something fun, new, and exciting…..we’re open from 10 am to 7pm each day, except Sundays we open at 1.   Our Haunted Cannery and Flashlight Maze open at 7:30 pm on Friday and continue on Saturday night as well.   I believe this year’s Haunted is better than it has ever been!   It truly is a frightening experience!

This weekend Jeff Davidson from Eureka will be here singing, playing guitar and giving us some history of Kansas from 1-3pm on Saturday.   We have some great face painters coming too to paint up all the childrens’ faces.   There is additional charges for the face painting, but I have seen these women’s painting talents and it will be well worth the extra fees if you so choose.  

Until next time….we’re down in the Patch!