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Kansas Is Getting Into Another Season

And it’s called winter!   BBBRRRR!

I remember many years ago when I worked in El Dorado at the Seivley’s Greenhouse, and Leland Seivley (owner) telling me that we needed 30 days of freezing cold weather to kill off the bugs and diseases.   So forgive me when I long for the cold weather that will prosper our Kansas pumpkin patch in 2011.  It’s just a fact of nature, and a natural process for Kansas farms (ers).   And though we consider ourselves to be in the agritourism industry, we still are farmers to the core. 

We’ve signed up to do the Wichita Bridal Show coming up January 8th and 9th at Century II.    This isn’t a Wichita pumpkin patch show at all!   We need to start marketing our wedding facilities to the general public, and this bridal show will be our first attempt to market The Walters’ Farm (www.thewaltersfarm).  We have been asked to speak at the Great Plains Growers Conference though in St. Joseph, Missouri regarding agritourism on the 7th and 8th, so we will have to have someone to fill in for us the first day of the bridal show.   We have already approached someone, and they will be great at the booth!   Thank you very much my dear!  

As our 2010 comes to a close, we again would like to thank everyone for making Walters’ Pumpkin Patch the agritourism facility that it has become.   From word of mouth to your family, friends, and neighbors, to our advertising agency, to our employees for making us special,  to our website guru, to KState personnel and Butler County Extension, the City of El Dorado for helping us market, and to the men who have built our buildings, ponds, attractions, and set up and ran the Haunted Cannery…..thank you all.   Let us give you our promise  that we will be working even harder to make Pumpkin Fest 2011 even bigger and better.   “May your days be merry and bright….and may all your Christmases be white”.   (Remember we’re killing off those bugs with that white snow!)