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The Grass is Greening in Kansas

And when the grass starts greening at the Walters’ Pumpkin Patch it means it’s time to get started with new attractions and development of this Kansas pumpkin patch facility.   Carroll has been talking to some consultants about another zipline, and we have a kitchen consultant coming on the 14th of March.  I’m certain both consultants will be able to make our food offerings and our zipline more fun, exciting, & efficient.   I would love to have that exciting zipline soaring through the trees and I wish we had that full-fledge bakery with pies, cheesecakes and take home foods.   We’ll have to see what either or both of these consultants have in mind for our pumpkin patch!   Whatever they suggest…..we’re sure it’ll make us even better.

I had the opportunity to speak at the Clyde, Kansas High School at a symposium on farmers markets and agritourism last week.  There was a packed room of 80-100 participants who were genuinely interested in expanding their ag-related businesses.   We couldn’t stay for the whole day, but I certainly wish them all well with their endeavors.   I remember when we were first starting with our agritourism business, and the “what do we do next” question just consumed us.  Now we have an entire notebook page of what there is to do for 2011 and not enough hours in the day!  

Until next time……we’re just cleaning up the gourds at the kitchen sink and waiting for springtime in Kansas!