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The Rain Finally Comes to the Patch!

   I’ve sorted out all the pumpkin and gourd seeds that I’ve ordered throughout the winter months, when life was easier….and I think we ought to have a pretty phenomenal pumpkin patch again this year at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch.  Carroll has always wanted me to pick out the best varieties and narrow my choices down to two or three.   But I can’t!  And I don’t know how other pumpkin patches make that choice!   There are red ones big and little, bumpy and striped.   There are gray/green pumpkins with warts, big ones and littler ones, lobed ones, and muffin shaped ones.   The list goes on and on.   Large orange pumpkins, squatty orange ones, bumpy ones, flat ones….there is no way that I can make these difficult choices!   Oh, and did I mention all the white ones we’ll be growing this year!  And I think our customers like having so many from which to choose!   So once again, if you are looking for the “Martha Stewart” choices in pumpkin decorating….we’ll see you this fall!

Did I mention the corn maze for 2011?   Precision Mazes has come up with an awesome design celebrating Kansas’s 150th birthday this year.   There are sunflowers, and a banner saying Happy Birthday, and the shape of Kansas in the design.   This is going to be alot of fun for our visitors this fall.  Everyone can check out our Events listing on the website to see our special events for the Pumpkin Fest 2011. 

Until then, we’re getting the Patch ready and we’ll be taking our gourd birdhouses to the OldTown Farmers Market in Wichita, Ks beginning May 14th…..see you then and there!

Spring Is Finally Here in Kansas!

    …..and it won’t be long before the trees begin to leaf out, the bulbs are all blooming, and the bees begin to buzz.   Don’t you just love spring in Kansas!

  I’ve started mowing, and since Carroll has been cleaning up new areas and taking down the “junk” trees, it gives me even more places to mow.   Do we work well together or just cause each other more work!   Your guess is as good as mine on this topic. 

  We are so very ready to get started on the bakery consultants revisions of our food areas in the pantry building.   We knew we needed to move the food line through more quickly and efficiently, and the consultant told us how and then laid out a master plan for us.   The contractor should be coming out soon to get started on the changes to our Kansas pumpkin patch food lines.   We are adding some pies, more ice cream products, and alot more bakery items that our visitors can just purchase and take home with them.   We’re getting excited for fall already.

  I just got home from a trip to Mexico where they had an area of 12 ziplines that one could ride all day.  Since we don’t have the giant hill or tower like Branson, Missouri does….what if we had several ziplines around our agritourism facility?    That would make a pumpkin patch pretty exciting!   So we may talk to the zipline consultant about this idea. 

We have our corn maze design now thanks to Precision Maze.   To celebrate Kansas’s 150th birthday this year, our maze design says,  “Happy Birthday Kansas” and has sunflowers and the shape of the State.  We’ll be setting up the “game” too to play while one is in the maze for added fun.

Until next time…..we’re pickin’ up the sticks from the trees around our Kansas pumpkin patch!