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Winter in Kansas 2012

 Hasn’t this weather been wonderful; but crazy?   Who would’ve ever thought that Kansas would be having 60-70 degree days in the dead of winter!   It’s really hard to have down-time, when the weather outside is so fantastic!

I did get the pumpkin, squash, gourd, and corn maze seeds ordered for the pumpkin patch for Pumpkin Fest 2012.   They have been arriving at our Kansas pumpkin patch.   Our Kansas pumpkin patches will be rotated this year because every 2-3 years, the pumpkins need to be planted on new ground.   So don’t come looking behind the house for the pumpkin patch in 2012, because it will probably be a milo, corn, or bean field!   Some pumpkin patches where there isn’t alot of “extra” ground available, have to plant on the same ground year after year and are forced to face the problems of soil borne diseases.    If  a pumpkin patch isn’t growing their own pumpkins and are buying them in, they don’t have this worry.    But here at our Kansas agritourism facility, we do grow our own and consider ourselves lucky to live in Kansas where we aren’t “land locked” and  have the option of moving our fields as we need on the farm.

One of our new items here at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch this year will be the addition of apple cider donuts.   Doesn’t the sound of such just make your mouth water?   We are still working out the details with a facility who has a donut machine for sale.   Keep your fingers crossed.

Carroll has run several new ideas past my brain cells lately.   It is so funny that our roles on the pumpkin patch have reversed over all these years.   Carroll now has the new ideas….AND has to build them.   I used to have the new ideas….AND he had to build them.   

Well, until next time…..we’re countin’ the pumpkin seeds!