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Giant Seeds Are in the Ground at Walters Pumpkin Patch!

  All you pumpkin patches or pumpkin growers out there in Kansas…..we have some giant pumpkins planted on May 4th, 2012, so take note.   Oh we so hope we have a giant pumpkin from our pumpkin patch to take to the Kansas State Fair that doesn’t look like a “baby” compared to the giant ones that are usually grown.   We walk into the State Fair, and look at the entries, and often leave our Kansas pumpkin patch “baby” in the truck!

Carroll got the ground worked up (cultivated), and Fleming Grain from Leon, Ks. (our chemical provider) had the fertilizer on the field.   I had my giant seeds ready, and the planter was working, the tractor had fuel and now we have pumpkin seeds in the ground!   Woo-Hoo!   Carroll put on the herbicide and God provided a nice rain to soak the chemical into the field to keep the weeds down.    Life is good!    It’s so easy to make this pumpkin gal happy!

In case you haven’t heard, we were noted in an article about women in agritourism in the Forbes magazine!   Dear friend Jane Eckert was featured in a Forbes article and she suggested to the writer to talk to Anna Lyles from New Mexico and to me.   What an honor to even be mentioned in such a prestigious magazine!  I have to tell people about our new notoriety because we all are reading “Grass & Grain”, “High Plains Journal” or “Successful Farmer”!

Well, the maze design from Precision Maze ought to be coming through very soon!   It’s going to be a “line of various pumpkins” with a part of the design for our school tours so that they don’t get lost in the bigger corn maze.   I’m really excited to see what Rob and Rachel Stouffer will come up with this year for us!   And if you are a teacher wanting to visit this fall with your students, we have a new state cirriculum program this year about which  we are very excited!

Until next time:   we’re waiting for the giant pumpkins to come up!