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It’s Hot at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch!

I just noticed these ghosts climbing over the wooden fence heading down the creek bank to take a swim…….it’s sure hot at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch at our Kansas agritourism facility today!   And I bet it’s hot in your neck of the woods too.

The pumpkin patch is planted and the little plants are holding their own in this heat.   There are alot of Kansas pumpkin patches that bring in their pumpkins from other states and don’t care about growing any of their own pumpkins.  But here at Walters, we are farmers and we grow what we sell to our customers in the fall.

Have you seen our new website at  Danny Mauk with his dad Bill, our original website designer has been so busy working up a new site for our attractions, pricing, etc.   We love the new look which is geared more to our fun side….thanks Danny with Eckert AgriMarketing.

The new maze design will be carved into our Kansas corn maze this weekend while the corn plants are only about 6″ tall.   Rob Stouffer of Precision Mazes will be here to cut the design which he and his wife Rachel have designed for us.   Our game this year will be Farm Scene, a “who-dun-it” spoof with the farm animals.    And Carroll has the new gerbil/hamster wheel built for the kids and “old” kids, and is now working on the combine for our visitors to climb through and imagine what farming can be like!    We love designing and building new attractions!

For now…….we’re down in the pumpkin patch……..pulling the weeds out from between the plants!