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“Oh what fun it is to play in the Pumpkin Patch all day”!    HAY!

And I bet you were thinkin’ Jingle Bells?

Opening day was wonderful at our Kansas agritourism facility.  There was  misty moisture falling from the skies which perked up the pumpkin plants, a gray haze and fall temperatures that brought alot of folks out to play at Walters Pumpkin Patch.   Our Kansas summer has been exhaustive to people and anything growing as the sun and lack of moisture dampened all our spirits.   But cooler temps have arrived and pumpkin season will continue.   Daughter Amy has found alot of beautiful pumpkins already and there are more to be found under those huge leaves that protect the fruit until it’s time for our visitors.    Yesterday a 98lb, a 71 lb and a deformed 2 lobed giant were purchased from our Kansa pumpkin patch.  I love the giants, and love knowing they will have their place of dignity sitting on someone’s front porch this fall.   We got those giants planted the first part of May since there were no late freezes, and we have some very large pumpkins this year.

The gerbil wheel is a success!   Carroll “dreamed” about building a gerbil/hamster wheel for people after feeding cattle this past winter.   The metal, round bale feeders caught his attention and he contacted the feeder company and they said, “Yeah we can build you a wheel”.   So the wheel was purchased and Carroll built his gerbil wheel.   We’ve received great comments so far.   He also has added a “goat walk”.   For those of you who do not know, a goat walk consists of a ramp, a walkway, and a platform where feed is pulleyed up for the waiting goats.   Watching the goats climb and jump up to the platform for their feed is a fun view.   And there is another new momma and baby in the pens too……but I won’t reveal “what” they are; but they are as cute as the baby goats!

Carroll also bought an old combine from the Nellans (just up the road a bit) and built the ramp to climb up in the seat and added a slide on the back…….how much fun can a child have playing farmer all day!   With a great batch of new and old employees, new attractions, beautiful fall weather, good food, new fall items in the gift shop and Pantry…….Walters Pumpkin Patch is anticipating a fantastic Pumpkin Fest 2012!  Hope to see everyone soon!