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Isn’t it hard to believe that six weeks of Pumpkin Fest 2012 have already passed at Walters Pumpkin Patch?   There is only one more weekend coming up at our Kansas pumpkin patch (just outside of Wichita 45 minutes) and if you haven’t been out, you need to make time to come play.    So many of our first time visitors are surprised at all our offerings of play areas, things to see and do,  and our beautiful Flinthills setting over the other pumpkin patches.   “We’re not just a flat field of pumpkins and we’re not just for kids”…..give us a try, you’ll be glad you did!

Everyone has loved the new gerbil wheel for people that Carroll designed and developed last spring.    And there are kids (and dads) climbing all over that combine with slide all day long!   We are surprised at all the visitors to our Kansas agritourism facility who have never seen or heard of a goat walk either!   Watching those little goats climb up the ramp to cross the roof line to get the feed the kids have pulleyed up to them is so much fun for all ages.   Our zipline is still ever busy and everyone loves the PumpGun Cannon which can launch an 8 lb pumpkin about 1/2 mile!    Our underground slide is still an adrenalin rush for everyone.   If you’ve never been out in the past, come see us and all our offerings (including a great selection of pumpkins where they were grown in the patch)next weekend or during the remaining weekdays……you won’t be sorry!

I have to say something here before the season closes about our fantastic employees, family and friends.   Some of these employees have become friends over the past years.    They work so hard to take care of this pumpkin patch business and all our customers.   Of course we have a few mishaps each year, but our employees are the ones who step up to the plate each time to make our Kansas pumpkin patch even better than the year before.   Thank you to each one of you, old and new who have helped us to reach our dreams.   Carroll & Becky

Walters Pumpkin Patch

There is a chill in the air of this Kansas agritourism facility….fall has begun, and Walters Pumpkin Patch is open!

Today the AgriSmart group from Cowley County came to tour what we have accomplished at our Kansas pumpkin patch.   We toured the licensed processing kitchen, the gift shops, concessions, and all the attractions on our 73 acres of fun.   I always love sharing ideas with “like minds” of people who are interested in developing agritourism on their own lands and those who have started and want to see what to do next.   Thank you for coming!   We also got to meet the new agritourism director for the State of Kansas as well.   She will be such an asset to our program.

I tried to help a customer get a very large pumpkin outta the field two days ago.   Note I said “tried”.   We had to get Carroll to help Jeremy Bender lift the pumpkin.   Even with our hot and dry Kansas weather from the summer months, we have some monsters under those pumpkin leaves.   An unusually large Rumbo brought us a Grand Champion ribbon this year from the Kansas State Fair!   BUT if the weather gets down to the predicted 30 degrees Saturday night, the leaves will die down and then we will be able to see exactly what has been growing in those fields all summer long.

October 6th at the Pumpkin Fest 2012 is our Fotos with Fulmers weekend.   Bill Rebstock will be taking photos of an individual or group in our giant pumpkin setting for a nominal charge.   Pictures are sent to you in about two weeks.  A new husband/wife team of rope makers, Dean and Charlotte Rich, will be here making ropes and selling some of their wares, and our pony ride folks, Marcia and Shawn Borst from Eureka will be here on Saturday.   Something that we are really looking forward to is having some of the high school band students playing music for us this weekend in costume….wait’ll you see their costumes!    We have a new clue game for our corn maze too……..come see if you can figure out “Who Dunnit!”

It’s going to be a great weekend for Pumpkin Fest 2012!   Hope to see everyone soon!