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Walters Pumpkin Patch…end of season for 2012

    Such a great photo from Janet Post of Burns, Kansas winning our first photo contest at Walters Pumpkin Patch.   You can see the second and third place winners and all our honorable mention photos on the Walters Pumpkin Patch facebook page.   Thank you all who entered and took their time and abilities to share their photos with us.   It was rathering amazing that Carroll and I both ranked this photo of Janet’s grandkids as our top pick.   Again…..thank you all.

We just sent off the check for the partial payment for one of the new attractions for Pumpkin Fest 2013!    See we never do quit thinking about our Kansas pumpkin patch.   And the older we get, the longer it takes for us to get ready for the next season.  It seems that we just get things put away and it’s time to drag them back out!   Mother always said that the older I got, the faster time would fly…..boy, was she right.

To all our agritourism friends on the East coast who had to close early because Hurricane Sandy was coming your way…’s so hard to farm whether you are a traditional farmer or an agritourism farmer.   Weather is the ultimate determinator as to if you’ll have any money after the end of the growing period.   Regardless of your hard work and know-how, the weather will thrust you forward or drag you down.    To each of you I pray that the bills will get paid and that you will continue on your path to feed and/or entertain our country.  Our Midwest has its tornadoes, and you have your hurricanes….thank goodness each of you remained safe.

Well, it’ll probably be awhile until I blog again, so we sincerely hope that the upcoming holidays will be filled with love and laughter of family and friends….and alot of pumpkin!    Thank you all for a wonderful Pumpkin Fest 2012.    Hope to see you next year!   Becky & Carroll