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Pumpkin Fest 2013!

We just got home from our annual NAFDMA conference which was held in Portland, Oregon this year.  So much information and so many new ideas are floating through our heads.   One member said, “NAFDMA is like drinking from a fire hose”!   So true…..

One of the ideas we picked up at the conference (and also saw something similar at the Dallas wholesale market) were these fabric pumpkins with stems from the dried pumpkins that are just laying in the field right now.  Hope the cattle haven’t trompled all the stems for our new creations!

We have received one of our new attractions though.   Take a look below at this!   You hit the striker with a mallet and if you ring the bell at the top, you can win a prize.   The one on the left is for our smaller pumpkin pickers; the one on the right is for our daddy-sized pumpkin pickers.   Can hardly wait for our visitors to try out the new strikers!   We’re also adding a tug of war attraction that Carroll will be building…………everyone is going to have to bring their muscles this year.

Until next time….we’re down in the patch beginning the transformation into Pumpkin Fest 2013!