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    I had so hoped that we’d move right on into spring after the Easter storms, but that’s not going to be this year.    I imagine we’ll lose our peach crop, and some of the apples with the cold tonight here at Walters Pumpkin Patch.   I’m thankful that my living for the year does not hinge on a peach crop, and I extend my empathy to those who do.

We’re already working on the fall attractions and products we will be offering at our Kansas agritourism facility this fall.   Carroll has built a wonderful new track for the Hoppy Horses, and went to get asphalt chips today to move the pedal car track.   New cars are being added as well.   As for our gift shop and pantry building, there will be all sorts of new dips and drink mixes, soups and breads, and so many fall eating delights!   It is an exciting time of dreaming and starting the process at our Kansas pumpkin patch.

And of course, by the time I write again, we’ll probably have the giant pumpkin seeds in the ground.   I just got the final seed company order today so all my seeds are accounted.  We just need some warmer weather!

We’ll be heading to the Old Town Farmers Market for the first market on May 4th in Wichita, Ks.   This farmers market is so much fun, with great vendors, great attendees, and great products.   Hope to see you all there this summer.

Until next time…..I’m dreamin’ about the Patch.