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  The seeds are in the ground and many are already up and spreading their first leaves.   This time of year is always exciting for us, but stressful.   First off, we’re thinking of planting seeds during the night so that the wild turkeys can’t see us.   The turkeys will pick each seed out of a row after you have worked all day getting the seeds in the ground!  Then, the next question is:  will we get the chemical on the new plants prior to the cucumber beetles finding them?   You’ve heard about the locust that moved in during Bible times?   Well the cucumber beetles move in and eat every leaf in site and this kills the plant.   So even though we feel a sense of accomplishment in getting the pumpkins, squash, and gourds planted, the work doesn’t end until we see orange orbs hiding under the pumpkin leaves early in the fall!

Carroll has decided to move the pedal car track!   I talked and talked to get him to build the original course back through the trees, but it was too long of a course.   So he has pulled it out of the trees, and shortened the track.   And we have 4 new pedal cars coming for our Pumpkin Fest 2013…..along with some other new surprises.   We’re always surprised at all the visitors who come from Wichita to see our pumpkin patch.   With so many things to do, it is an all day event for many of our families.   I’ve always said that we’re not just a field of orange pumpkins and we’re not just for kids.

We’re changing some things around here at the pumpkin patch and hope you’ll come see the new ideas and things we’ve created at our Kansas pumpkin patch this fall.   The new design for our corn maze is so wonderful this year.   It was designed and will be cut by Rob and Rachel Stouffer of Precision Mazes soon.   In case you didn’t know (and were afraid to ask), Rachel does the design work in the winter months, we plant the corn, and then Rob comes to cut the design when the corn is about 6″ tall with his GPS equipment.

Opening date is Sept 21st this year and you can see our lineup of events by going to our website:   Until next time, we’re shooing off those turkeys and hunting down those cucumber beetles!  Oh, and pulling weeds!