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What a summer we have had here in Kansas!   Cool weather, unusual rainfall amounts… has been good.   BUT have I mentioned that pumpkins like it a little drier?

Here at our Kansas pumpkin patch, we’ve been cooking and cleaning, baking and canning all those special treats that we sell in the fall.   Daughter Amy and her friend Micki brought in a bucket of sand plums for jelly yesterday, and the apple butter is cooking as I type.   The cucumbers for pickles and relish have been ABUNDANT this summer!   They didn’t mind the excessive rainfall at all!   I can’t remember if we’ve ever had green grass in August in Kansas.

The new buildings are progressing nicely at Walters Pumpkin Patch.    People stop us frequently to ask what our new building is for.  The building one sees presently will be our entrance and exit building and new gift shop.   Then we are enlarging the old gift shop considerably for wedding and company party events.  We’ve been needing a building for inclimate weather over the years and this will provide us another area so that we can be open to the public in the fall for the pumpkin patch and still have a more private area for fall weddings or company events.

We open this year with our Witches Night Out Event starting at 6pm on September 20th for ladies only dressed as witches.   Load up your friends and come see the new and improved Walters Pumpkin Patch!  Until next time:   we’re sloshing around in the mud!