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We’re only 2 weeks away from the start of our season here at Walters Pumpkin Patch!   And there’s at least 2 weeks worth of work left to get ready.   One of our most exciting news items is that you will be able to purchase online tickets at for Pumpkin Fest 2013.   Buying tickets online will allow you to forego those nasty waiting lines, and come right on in through the express line.   Pretty exciting, huh?   More time to play!

With Alison’s, Anna’s and Johnna’s help, guidance, knowledge and determination the new gift shop is almost set up and ready for business.   Oh, my what a change from the dimly lit old & little gift shop we’ve had for the last 20 (!) years.   We’ll finish up the Christmas Corner next week, and start decorating the new courtyard between buildings!    If you love the fall season, you’re gonna love our Kansas agritourism.

Another new thing that we will be offering is gift baskets with some of our own products that are made here in our licensed processing kitchen.   Jams and jellies, butters, salsas,  and other food specialty items.   Stock up because Christmas isn’t far away either.

One more new item to tell you about too……..we are going to begin monthly dinners at the Walters Farm.   Our new building will have heating and air conditioning and will certainly lend itself to the atmosphere of our “sit down” dinners.   I’ll post a November menu soon.   New buildings, new ideas, and new entertainment for our community and surrounding areas………………….until next time, we’re down in the patch!