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All the little details are falling into place here at the Walters Farm for Pumpkin Fest 2014!   Little details like getting the potting soil for the Mud Pie attractions, cleaning up the barrel train that has been sitting idle since last year will all be finalized.    I’m a to-do list writer and list crosser-offer.    And I might say, I’ve even seen a couple lists that my husband has made as he’s learned to be more organized.   No more, “I forgot that”!    We have learned over the years of working together that I am not good at details, hard core planning, or organization…..I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants!   Carroll on the other hand, wants those details and knowing how things are going to work.   Guess that’s why we are able to make the pumpkin patch work.

The pumpkins are looking fantastic this year from our early rains.   I always pray that God will help our Kansas pumpkin patch to grow pumpkins, squash and gourds, and this year has been no exception.  The recent heat has been knocking down the foliage, but they are big and beautiful and we can’t wait to show them off!   There is a lot of new and fun gift items in the shop and new products in the Pantry Building to tempt your taste buds.

We’ve expanded the private campfire areas so that we can take reservations for more groups.   Call for availability and we’ll get the fire going for you!    Last winter, I had a Wichita Eagle newspaper reporter on the phone, and he politely asked, “With all that I’m hearing from you, might I ask…..shouldn’t you guys be retired?”   I had to laugh ’cause yes we should.   But as long as we’re still havin’ fun, we’ll keep opening the Walters Pumpkin Patch the third weekend in September and welcoming visitors daily.Photo contest honorable mention too