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logo  FIRST TIME EVER:   Every year we get lots of phone calls asking if we’re staying open into the month of November.   By then Carroll & my feet hurt so badly, and we’re ready to hibernate for the upcoming winter months at the Walters Farm.   BUT since Halloween falls on a Friday this year, with the approval of our wonderful fall employees, we’re going to stay open for the weekend of November 1st & 2nd.  Of course, this announcement depends on the weather, and not all attractions will be open.   BUT everyone can have a great offering of that 7th weekend at Walters Pumpkin Fest 2014.   AND, we’ll do the 1/2 price admission the final weekend like we did at the beginning of our season (no other coupons taken with this 1/2 price offering).   SO seven full weekends of fun at the Walters Pumpkin Patch in 2014!

Be sure to check out our brand new website ( for upcoming weekend events & farm offerings!

Hope to see you all soon for some great pumpkin picking and outdoor fun!


Becky & Carroll Walters

Happenings At the Patch This Weekend!

WPP2010 073   SUNDAY, SEPT 28th:  Our own Curt Johnson (Physical Therapist by day, Tractor Driver by weekend) has agreed to round up some boy scout leaders and scouts and we’re going to seine the pond here at the Walters Pumpkin Patch!   The catfish have gotten large (7lbs and up) and the pond is being run by the bullheads!   So, we’ll net up the fish that we want to thin out, and take them to the creek and set them free.   This is going to happen on Sunday, Sept 28th if you’d like to share in our event.   And my “babies” (the koi) will be put back into the pond.   I can’t turn scarecrow, Mr. Bones, and Pumpkin loose (my named koi).  This will start happening about 2pm, so make your plans to visit Walters!

Also, Brian Jennings from 102.1 (The Bull) radio will be here at the pumpkin patch from 1pm-3pm.   He’ll be doing a live remote here and maybe we’ll get him to help us with the fish!   The station has been so good getting our name out and what we’re doing down on the farm!

Hope to see you all this weekend at our Kansas pumpkin patch!


Photo contest honorable mention too  …and it’s almost time to begin at Walters Pumpkin Patch!   With the overnight drop in temperatures, all our thoughts are turning to fall, football, and sweaters, and pumpkin patches!

Carroll is still working diligently to get the new human Pumpkin Foosball set up.   We’re really excited about this live team sport/event here at the Patch.   It’ll be fun for kids, adults, families and fun for spectators too!   I figured up the other day that we are adding 6 new things to our Kansas agritourism for Pumpkin Fest 2014!     I hope everyone enjoys our new attractions as much as we’ve enjoyed building, designing and dreaming up these things to do for our guests!

One of the boy scout troops in El Dorado has a leader who also drives a tractor for our hayrides, and also has helped Carroll this summer building the new ideas we’ve dreamed up.   When talking to Curt Johnson about our over-population of catfish in our little pond, we came up with the idea of having the scout troop and several of the leaders help seine the pond moving the majority of the catfish (and bullheads) to the nearby creek and keeping the giant koi in the pond to winter-over.   We’re really excited about dividing up the channel and making this an event here at the Patch on September 28th beginning at 1:00pm.   Come witness something that most people don’t get the opportunity to behold.

FYI:   1/2 price admission the first weekend (September 20th & 21st).   No other coupons accepted this weekend.

The pumpkins are beautiful this year……..have a wonderful Fall Y’all!