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(And I think this pumpkin was about all these two children could carry!)

ALL YOU CAN CARRY.  This Saturday and Sunday, get all the pumpkins and squash you need at Walters Pumpkin Patch for just $20!   The only requirement is that you entertain all of us on-lookers with your skill of carrying all that you can hold!   Between your knees, under your arms, in your hoodie, wherever you can tuck a pumpkin works for us!   And then you have to take a couple of steps to show us that you can carry all you are holding!   Come one, come all….because watching this event is as much fun as participating!  We open at 10am on Saturday, and 1pm on Sunday and are open until 7pm both evenings.    (One must pay admission and enter the facility prior to doing the all you can carry.)

EXTENDED WEEKEND. Another first for Walters Pumpkin Patch in 2014 is that we are going to stay open for the weekend after Oct 31st.   We’ve never done this before; we have always closed on October 31st.   Since Halloween falls on a Friday this year, we thought there might be a few families who were looking for that one last fall outing……….and we’re making it another 1/2 price weekend.   So gather up the kids, and come on out to the farm for a beautiful autumn day in Kansas.    We thank our wonderful employees for the season for agreeing to “try” this added weekend….be sure to tell them thank you too.

Hope to see you all soon.   By the way:   Fall merchandise is now marked down 40% and Christmas merchandise is 50% off.   This doesn’t include food or produce, just gift type items, so come out for some great savings on fall items and start your Christmas shopping and decorating now at Walters Pumpkin Patch!