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We’re Getting Excited at Walters Pumpkin Patch!

scarecrow maze 2015


I know this sketch drawing is pretty difficult to see, but we’re so very excited about our maze design for our Kansas pumpkin patch in 2015!   The original drawing was one sketched by our own local teacher/artist/friend Sherry Hermreck several years ago.   I sent the sketch to our maze design company, Precision Maze, from Lee Summit, Missouri and this will be the design for our Kansas corn maze in 2015!   I love this little scarecrow and I just couldn’t stop looking at the sketch when Rachel Stouffer of Precision sent it to me for approval.   This will fit right in during our scarecrow contest this fall.

Carroll is building fence, and cleaning up trees in the new area that we are creating this year.   We are so thankful for all our trees that provide shade here at our pumpkin patch during the fall.   But cleaning them up along the creek, trimming branches to make mowing easier and just picking up the debris from wintery winds is a full time job!

The gourds are almost dry now and we can start the cleaning process.   We have some really great ideas for craft projects with our crop this year.  I love new, creative ideas that wake me up in the middle of the night!

I just wanted to share our new maze design and until next time…..we’re probably pickin’ up sticks!

Pumpkins at Walters Pumpkin Patch

IMG_2907    We’ve had our share of the snow and cold these last few days, but look at these pretty  pumpkins we’re creating at the Walters Pumpkin Patch!   My granddaughter, Jaden, and I were driving through the leftovers of the pumpkins in the field, and we came across these dried beauties here at the pumpkin patch.  With a little cleaning on the outside of each pumpkin, and a couple colors of orange pumpkin paint, they will be ready to display after the snow leaves….let’s hope sooner than later!   I just love finding gourds and pumpkins after the season in our Kansas pumpkin patches!

We’re working on our display scarecrows for the pumpkin patch, and with Carroll’s building abilities, they ought to be easier to put together.   We’re thinking about hosting a scarecrow weekend  here too at our Kansas agritourism farm.  Families, individuals, or businesses could bring their scarecrows out to the farm and prizes would be awarded in several categories.   Wouldn’t that be fun to see the creative side of our visitors at the pumpkin patch this fall?   Details to follow soon so get your brain cells working on creativity.

Well, that’s about all for now from the Walters Farm.   The pumpkin seeds are sitting in boxes downstairs for now, but it won’t be long now…hopefully sooner than later!