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IMG_3890We found this new photo opportunity in Las Vegas while at the wholesale gift market.   This is going to be so fantastic sitting here at the Walters Farm and Walters Pumpkin Patch for our brides and little visitors to use in some photo opportunities this year.   In our Kansas agritourism business we are always looking for the new ideas, the unique attractions, and wonderful things for our visitors to see and do….this is the first of our attractions list to get checked off for 2016!

The metal Cinderella Carriage has two benches across from one another so we can seat your little pumpkin princess or the whole family at Walters Pumpkin Patch during PumpkinFest 2016.   OR our brides and grooms can have the opportunity to have a photo taken in our Cinderella Carriage for memories of their big day this spring or summer.   We are really excited to be able to offer this unique attraction.

We met yesterday with Rich Herbst who is going to be doing some chain saw carving this fall for us!  We haven’t met his associate yet, but there will be two men with saws, gougers, and chunks of wood displaying their talent.   Save October 15th and 16th for several shows throughout the day.   He brought samples of witches, and bears, and dogs…oh, my!   And the pumpkins carved out of pine wood with gnarly stems were just fantastic!   I can hardly wait for our customers to meet these wonderful artisans, and see their talent firsthand.

Carroll is going to build the new Walters Express Train its own depo this year.   We saw one at our recent NAFDMA conference (North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association), and we think he can pattern from that.    ALL ABOARD!

Well, until next time……….Carroll is working on new ideas, and I’m cleaning the “curly tailed” gourds for this fall’s birdhouses in the gift shop!