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What We Do In the “Off-Months”

2011 photos 318We always laugh when people come to Walters Pumpkin Patch and comment, “I wish I had a job where I only worked six weeks out of the year”!  Our reply is, “And so do I”!

This time of year gives us some down time from having to be our best for our visitors at our Kansas pumpkin patch, but there is still a lot of work that happens.   Carroll is out feeding cattle that we keep for a friend during the winter months.  And then the pumpkin patch work begins; Carroll is never still for long when the sun is up.   He has trimmed up the brush growing along the creek banks of the Walters Farm, pulled fallen trees from the creek, getting supplies so that the bridge to the farmstead can be rebuilt this winter, had an auction company representative out yesterday so that some old equipment can be listed and dispersed, met with Roger Knowles and Buck Roberts about our new construction plans for the 2017 season.   Some of the projects will be completed by Carroll and Doug Bell who is helping us with our Kansas agritourism projects.   Doug has been a great asset in our business.

We need to expand our concessions area.   We are so appreciative of our patrons who have endured our food lines on the weekends!  But we’re opening up new areas to get pumpkin chili!  Oh, and hot dogs too.  BUT in case you haven’t heard:   we can no longer allow visitors to bring in food and/or drinks to the Walters Pumpkin Patch.   We had several incidences last year, whereby visitors would secure a picnic area with their belongings and then go play eliminating the use of those tables that are provided for our guests who have purchased food and are looking for a place to sit and eat.  People are more than welcome to tailgate in the parking lot, but unless you have a rented private campfire or the pavilion, we won’t be allowing coolers, food items, party refreshments/presents or drinks into the fall facility.   Plus we have had a problem with persons bringing alcoholic beverages into the patch in coolers.   Not allowed folks.

We’re going to build a new weigh & pay station which has two more admission windows for entry to shorten our incoming lines on the weekends.  We tried a new system last year and it just didn’t work for us/our employees/our customers.   But there will be online tickets to speed admissions this year.

As for me?   I have gourds everywhere to be crafted this winter and placed for sale in the gift shop for next year.   It is really fun and exciting to take a thought and put it into being.  I’m testing out new food items that we can use in the pantry building…perhaps that’s why we’re gaining weight over the winter months!   Something new for next year will be our new and improved donut machine!   Warm, sugary donuts with a touch of cinnamon for apple cider and pumpkin spice donuts….IMG_2907

Well, the work is continuing and the new ideas keep rolling.   Wonder if Carroll will let me get some new pumpkin shaped boats for the pond, or have a giant tree house built in the giant oak tree behind the house, or have ground level pool tables with giant soccer balls to kick instead of little pool balls?   New ideas are endless this time of year and only 258 days until Pumpkinfest 2017!