Planting Pumpkin at the Patch!

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.05.36 PMNext week (first full week in June) begins our fun at the Walters Pumpkin Patch…..growing our own pumpkins, on our own land, with our little one row planter and little Kubota tractor is the highlight of our year in our Kansas pumpkin patch!   We’ve always grown our own pumpkins at the Walters Pumpkin Patch, and the more varieties I can find over the winter….the better!   Red ones, and warty ones, deep lobed and giants…..the more the merrier!     And this year something big is coming to our Kansas agritourism facility.   We are making a dedicated effort to grow some really large giants and it’s going to be big!   I hand planted these giants with plant starts I had growing in the house, so hopefully they will have a head start and I can “baby” them along.   We’d love to have a giant pumpkin at the Kansas State Fair that looked like a winner instead of the ones that look like a stunted offspring!

It’ll take us a couple of very full days from sun up to sun down to get our 30 acres of pumpkins planted; but it’s worth every seed and every ache in the backside too!

Everyone always wants to know what our new attractions will be for the upcoming season.   This year we are putting in two new pumpkin cannons which our customers can actually shoot for themselves.   We might even have orange tennis balls for ammo….we’ll see if we can get those purchased.   And a new pumpkin house for children to check out will be arriving soon, and we still have high hopes with a new treehouse in the big oak tree behind our house.   Our oldest grandson Dacota came up with a great new idea for the grain bins a couple of days ago…..we’ll see if Grandpa can get that attraction in the works for this year.   Otherwise, everyone will just have to come see what we’ve been working on for our visitors to enjoy during PumpkinFest 2017!

So, check out our events page on the website to plan yout visit with the old and new events for the weekends!   And be sure to read up on our sale days starting the first of September!   Lots of savings for fall decorating!   See everyone soon!

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