Oh, my what a season it has been!   Walters Pumpkin Patch was hot, then it was dry, and now it is wet!   BUT with all these changes in weather at our Kansas pumpkin patch, we have the greatest crop ever of pumpkins!   We have never seen so many thick skinned, giant stemmed, beautifully colored pumpkins and gourds!    And if this crazy weather is the reason why…..we’ll take it!   Come ride the hay wagon to one of our fields of 30 acres of pumpkins, squash and gourds……….we grew about every available variety this year!

Our face painters extrordinaire will be back this weekend creating exciting fantasies for our little visitors.   They are wonderful artisans!  And then the following weekend is our chain saw carvers Rich and TJ who can make an old chunk of wood into something amazing!   Also on the bill for Oct 14 and 15 is Sara Meisinger who will be book signing her novel Autumn Grace about a farm family who also has a pumpkin patch………no relationship here to this family!   But a wonderful read written by a gal from Burns, Kansas!

New this year…..our pumpkin house, pumpkin artillery (one shoots tennis balls at our giant signs of KSU, KU, and WSU), and two new wood structures have been added to the Woodlands….a new castle and a new cattle loading pen and truck.   So much imagination goes on in the Woodlands!   And don’t forget our new Donut House shelling out pumpkin spice and apple cider donuts!   We make these delicious donuts right here at the farm!

Be sure to meet up with our new mascot, JACK!    There is an amazing young man in that costume who is wow-ing our guests of all ages!  We at the Walters Pumpkin Patch, hope to see you soon!     Carroll & Becky Walters

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